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Steve Zagorski subscribes to one fundamental belief when designing residential properties: “If you have good space, good light and good proportion, you’re are going to have a pretty nice house,” he says.

That is certainly the case with a contemporary home he designed on a prime, corner lot in Barton Hills. Hired by Brent Fannin, founder of building and remodeling company FIA Homes, to design the house on spec, Zagorski conceived a 3,200-square-foot, four-bedroom home that will never look out of style.

The trademark of the house is an expansive courtyard that seamlessly integrates with the indoor spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows—which lead to the living room, dining space and master bedroom—frame the courtyard on three sides, creating a sense of openness and fluidity throughout.

When homeowners entertain, they open the sliding-glass doors to the courtyard, and guests flow between the rooms. The homeowners told Zagorski’s team that they particularly like the home’s layers of transparency. While regularly enjoying their morning coffee from their master bedroom, they can see through the courtyard, across the living room and out onto the street. Large, overhanging trees and low-e glass help protect the interior against the Texas sun and elements, while inviting nature in.

Featured in Austin Monthly

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